Randy Wilson

Peggys Cove Lighthouse Peggys Cove Lighthouse My Private Lake My Private Lake Suspended Suspended  Wreckhouse Wreckhouse     Windswept Night Sky Windswept Night Sky     Who Shot First Who Shot First     Remembering Home Remembering Home     Radiant Radiant
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It's In The Shadows It's In The Shadows     Island Magic Island Magic     Going Home Going Home   Gentle Flight Gentle Flight   From Above From Above   Frequencies Frequencies   Dufferin Marsh Dufferin Marsh   Discarded By The Sea PEI Discarded By The Sea PEI   Crooked Slide Crooked Slide   Cottage At Dusk Cottage At Dusk   Calm on Abitibi Lake Calm on Abitibi Lake   Ageless Ageless

Randy Wilson is an Ottawa-based visual artist. He has been drawing and painting for over 20 years.  He has worked in most drawing and painting mediums, but mostly in oil these past years.  He paints a wide diversity of subjects.  His painting style is generally very realistic, but varies according to the mood he wants to create.

Randy’s art education has been self-directed.  He has studied at Algonquin College, and other venues around Ottawa.  He believes that there is always something that he can learn from another artists.

Randy is a member of numerous art associations in the Ottawa area.  He exhibits paintings in local venues and in local art shows.

Email:     info@randywilsonart.com

Website: www.randywilsonart.com