Volunteer Positions

Why Volunteer?

As well as the enjoyment and camaraderie of being part of a dynamic team that supports NFAL and its activities, volunteers taking positions will appear on the NFAL Organization Chart;  they will be part of the executive, a coordinator or a committee, and will receive a special bonus of participating in the month-long Volunteer Exhibition in the prestigious Atrium Gallery in late May to late June.

Please consider helping out. We all benefit when YOU volunteer.

Current Volunteer Positions

We need to fill the following volunteer positions:

Gallery Coordinator:  Collects artists’ information via emailed applications for gallery hangings in order to keep a record for each show. Creates show posters and labels from existing templates, and provides the city with show lists and sales reports, as required. Advises patrons on the sale process.

Secretary:  Plays a vital role on the Executive, consulting with the members of this dynamic team, helping with the decision making and organization of NFAL. The Secretary takes minutes at the meetings and submits them to the website. The Secretary also updates the Organization Chart, Contact List and Calendar of Events on an ongoing basis and sends them out to the website. The Secretary is in charge of maintaining and organizing NFAL information and oversees the people responsible for Professional Development and the Newsletter. The Secretary also chooses a date for the AGM and books the room.

Annual Awards Exhibition Night Coordinator:  Is responsible for working with the City and the President to set up the evening; running of and ensuring there are volunteers for the Members’ Vote and Refreshments table. 

Spring Sale 2018Coordinator:   Works with the committee members in the preparation of the budget, timelines, responsibilities, etc.; ensures that the tasks are completed, oversees all aspects of the show and steps in to help where needed.

If you have an interest in taking on any of these positions, please send an email to president@nepeanfinearts.com